Garlic and Evil Spirits

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

Childrens Riddle in Poem on garlic is at the end..
I am not a Dr. or a nurse. This information comes form many places on the internet compiled into this one document I choose to write on the history of Garlic and my little Garlic poem.
It is baised on many things. Even advise form my late great grandmother which was an Indian from the United States.

Since the Halloween holiday is approaching soon and it is said that Garlic wards off Vampires and evil sprits..............Well I will leave that conclusion up to you if it does or not.
However Garlic, better known as the Stinking Rose is a member of the lily (liliaceae) family and yet is like a cousin to onions, leeks, chives, and shallots.

It was said to be worn around the neck attatched to a string to fight of colds and flu many years ago but the smell sent away others in a hurry. Possibly from garlic breath.
The old English word for garlic is (garleac), which means (spare leek). Garlic is also known as (allium sativum) and dates back being used thousands of years ago all over the world.
It was first known to be used in seasoning in the places of Asia and Africa and of course Europe and Egypt, but it was considered so much more valuable in Egypt. They even worshiped garlic and placed types of garlic bulbs in some tombs. It was so valuable it was even said to be used at times as a currency in Egypt. It was used to be used in the United States Civil War to ward of some illnesses of the soldiers. Those who eat of it became less sick than those who didn't.
Many of you have heard of the health benefits of those smelly cloves are numberous.
It is known to be a very wonderful food to fight against heart disease in many ways.
There are over three hundred varieties of Garlic.
One variety has a papery skin and strong flavor.
Another has pink to purple skin coloring and milder flavored varities overall.
It is said that just Americans alone consume hundreds of pounds of garlic annually. Can you imagine the total if added together all over the world...Wow! Thats a lot of Garlic.
So the next time you squash a clove of garlic and smell it think of what all it does for your body besides the old tale of warding off evil spirts and vampires. It is so wonderful that it was discovered to aid in ones health and nutrition.
So maybe there was something to wearing garlic around ones neck to ward off evil spirits. Having it handy to eat was quite a convenient thing to aid in ones health.

A Riddle in Poem;

What am I

A clove for me,
a clove for you,
throw a little in the stew.

Smash it well,
Oh do tell
sulphur molecules to absorb.

Plant it,
dry it,
hang it on the ledge,
eat it by the wedge.

It helps your heart,
nutrition a part,
of the sprouting,
a lilly of leeks.

If you dare,
of it to wear,
count on being alone.

Oh a garlic so smelly
but helps the body
when digested in the belly.

Linda Terrell
October 19, 2009

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