A Note to Friends at Voices.Net

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Dear Friends,

I write just want to greet you Happy Halloween and Happy Advent.

There is not much happening in Denmark in relation to halloween except that children in school talk about it or do some drawings on scary halloween figures for their exhibitions or some buy some halloween costumes. Many homes have pumpkins in front of their doors, pumpkins in orange colours with glowing lighted candles in them.The Irish story on Jack must have influenced this. The TV screens, now and then, show halloween plays and other images of the halloween.

Otherwise, there is not much. After this day, then halloween is forgotten. And we are back to the reality of the scary threats brought about by the dismissal of workers from their jobs,the banks` difficult time in maintaining their assets, or the renewed terrorist threat posed upon a newspaper, Jyllands Posten, for having published prophet Muhammed`s cartoons sometime ago.

After all, halloween is not just a fiction story for the small children. Our own societies are rocked by halloween fever and halloween threats. A seeming darkness engulfs to reign. But we are glad that Christmas is soon coming and we are invited to rejoice and live in hope and great expectations.

I am very busy these days as I will be submitting a written exam in many pages. This I will have to do in the Danish language and this will take much of my time. This means I will not be oftenly visiting voices.net. com with my comments from now on to December 15. I will continue to drop by, read poems and other entries as much as I can, or maybe comment on one or two and have to leave again. It has been a great pleasure to visit voices.net.com, to open my day with some inspiration from your write-ups and to close my day with more reading from this website.

Thanks for the good frienship I have been experiencing here.Take care of yourselves.

Happy Halloween and a Blessed Advent!

Sincerely yours,


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