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From JJ:

I am very excited to talk about what is in this news post.

One of the wonderful things about VoicesNet is that the center of our mission has always been constructed in an educational manner, seeded originally years ago by a fledgling writer base that now numbers in the tens of thousands. We thank all of you here for allowing us to be able to say that.

Recently we have expanded our quiz engine that was rolled out a while ago to include online training classes in various topic areas.

We are promoting education and job training and are providing the following interactive and hopefully fun exercises to increase your knowledge in various areas.

We have some career classes in cool quiz formats that will teach you about a particular industry.

Here are some current interactive career guide classes:

CNA Certified Nurses Assistant Career Class

EMT Emergency Medical Technician Career Class

LPN Licensed Practical Nurse Career Class

Registered Nurse Career Class

In a really rough economic time, get educated in any way that you can, traditional or not.

Keep training and keep educating and you will be able to support your survival needs and if you have a family now or some day, you will be there for them.

Life is tough. Life is very hard and has its ups and downs but education and personal growth can somehow seem to help make everything better.

Give our online interactive sessions a try today and see if you can get an "A" in the class.


JJ Humphrey
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