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"Grant that I may not pray alone with the mouth; help me that I may pray from the depths of my heart. " ~Dr.Martin Luther King

To pray for the provision of all your physical needs is a natural form of prayer. Asking for better opportunities, healthy relationships, and good health are all understandable requests. To enjoy the world of form is wonderful and it has it's rightful place. Yet if you look to find yourself in what you are praying for you will surely be disappointed.

But when you close your eyes, allow your heart to open, and enter a quiet space of surrender, the desires of your soul move from "what can I gain" to "who may I become." To ask to become more than your physical body or transcend the challenges of the physical world is to enter the realm of consciousness.

In consciousness, you become connected to the God within. And it is this connection that you seek more than you seek money, romance, power, success. To commune with your inner Divinity, even for just a moment, is more fulfilling than anything that can be attained or had on the physical plane.

How do you reach the God within? How do you pray from this space?

Be willing to surrender your ego and allow yourself to move into acceptance that you don't have all the answers to your life. And, it's okay to not know. When you say "I don't know", you become teachable. You become humbled, not from a place of sacrifice, but from a place that you acknowledge there is a greater intelligence at work in your life and you are willing to enter into a deeper relationship with it.

It is not the outside world that you long for as much as you long for an abundant inner life. It is easy to lose yourself to other people, situations, guilt, fear of what happened or what may happen. So when you pray, pray from the depths of your heart. Ask not that the outside world change. Rather, ask that your inner world become transformed into the Love that you are by what you experience in the outside world.

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