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We have finally completed our testing and are now sending out email FAN notifications.

If you are a writer here at VoicesNet and have some FANS who have signed up with you, then those fans will receive email notifications whenever you post a new writing here at VoicesNet.

The email that your fans get will include a link to the page where the writing is available.

If you are a FAN of someone at VoicesNet, then you will receive an email when an author that you are a FAN of posts a writing here at VoicesNet.

You can control whether you receive FAN notification emails from your profile page and can also manage your fan relationships there.

Right now, there are hundreds of Fans already signed up with VoicesNet authors because they have been signing up for a while in preparation for this exciting day.

I know one author who has something like 20 some fans already and I saw notices going out today to her fans letting them know about the work that she posted today.

If you want to be the fan of an author at VoicesNet, just go to his or her profile page and you will see an image that you can click to sign up as a FAN. Try it out.

This is a great thing for all of us here at VoicesNet.


The VoicesNet Team

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