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Satheesan Rangorath

Today I started to observe me as an outsider. It is a strange feeling that I experienced of a very strange man. I found myself casual and free to watch every fraction f a second. It was wonderful. At the end of the day, I secured enough information to share with you. I remember a story. Once a young man went to see a master and to seek his blessings to be one of his disciples Master said to the young man, you will be my pupil soon if you do what I say now. Saying this, the sage gave him some cows.” Take These cows and bring them back making it doubled in numbers”. Boy took up the challenge and went to forest for raising the cattle. After several years of hard toil he increased the number of cows as desired by the master. Finding the student to be,Is very hard working, the sage master made arrangements for his initiation at an auspicious time, nevertheless he asked, “son you seem to have a Guru already” glow on your face shows that. Yes master, all these years I acquired a lot of knowledge from the forest and its wilderness. Nature and every creature, significant or insignificant had some thing to teach me. Even worms were my teachers. Master became very pleased to hear his reply and said,” My beloved student I have nothing to teach you now.”” I bless you.” “You have learned everything from nature that I could teach you.”

This morning I started my day with my usual prayers sitting on my bed as I got up early in the morning. I had to travel to another town by a passenger train. I took my scooter to the station, where I left my Two-wheeler and bought the ticket. As usual, the train was late by half an hour. I like to wait and watch railway platform always. Usually I stroll around and look at magazines. I like the smell of railway stations. In olden days, steam engines thrilled me. It’s hissing, whistling, and sound of ply wheels and pistons, all brings back an era of majestic remembrances .Slowly the regular travelers are trekking in with their lunch bags. Lazily they occupy the benches unfolding newspapers. I watch their face with concern as I found them still in hangover. Kerala State in southwestern tip of India is unique in many aspects in comparison with many other states in India. She is known as Gods His Own Country. Socially a well developed state having so many number one points. 99 percent literacy, number one in health services, skills, industry, along with many plus aspects we are number one in liquor consumption as well. Therefore, that is reflected on almost every faces. I just remembered a beggar sitting on the over bridge, First I thought of giving something, but I could not as I was lazy enough to open my wallet and fish out a coin. Now the platform is crowded, an express train is arriving on platform number 2.Passengers are hurrying as the announcement came. The cleaners are cleaning the track with water as the previous train that had left the station spoiling the track with urine and excretion of her passengers. We Indians make the laws to break it. Railway displays their Notice prominently asking the travelers not to use the toilet when the trains stop at the station. Mostly the passengers do the opposite. One neatly dressed woman cleans the Track path with a water hose every time a train leaves the station. Time has changed, now the workers dress neatly, but they do not love to work. Now the platform is really buzzing many new travelers arrive with their bags and baggage’s. Hawkers are busy. Porters are squatting on the edge of platform in order to jump fast into the Bogie to capture a prey.

A mad woman arrives crossing the track carrying a bundle of rags. She carries it carefully as if it is a worthy possession, to be handled with care. She sits on a bench murmuring some curse, as she started spilling the rags on the bench. The station clock strikes ten.; announcement came about the arrival of train number so and so. From nowhere.A doggie family of five rushed to the platform, mother and four children occupied a secured place under the bench. Immediately the children started their past-time, suckling milk elaborately. I stared at her; she dog was unconcerned and turned her head away.

I informed my plight to my wife over my cell phone and boarded the train. While returning I checked the doggie family. They were not there. I found all of them Smashed on the road as I was riding back home on my scooter. My day ended on a sorrowful note. However, I know what I am doing. My awareness makes me cry for the
family. May their souls rest in peace..

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