These Poems were published in BBC Nw Wales

a writing by Satheesan Rangorath


Making soft footprints on the silky sand
You strolled along the beach,
Humming an exotic melody of life.
Every grain of sand sighed in ecstasy
At the touch of your feet.
A hue hangs around you as you step in.

I watch your eyes sparkle
Where a thousand stars twinkle,
Where horizon meditates.
Sea breezes flutter your dark hair
Making a wave in twilight.

The primordial sound echoes
Through and through every atom,
Every creation.

Lord breathe life into the flute
Emitting the cosmic song.
When his lips touch, every sound turns a song,
The fusion begins.

You made me cry,
Melting my heart to the tune
Of your soulful music.
Sea wipes everything,
Breeze kisses my tears away.

A frog leaps
Trying to make an imprint on the shore,
A crab cycles,
A star shoots down,
A splash of a starfish.
Oh silence again,
Eternal silence.

My tears

Oh mother appear on my tongue
As a drop of honey,
Then make my words honeydew
Percolate deep into my each cell.

Let me feel your sweetness intoxicate me,
Be my thoughts filled with ecstasy of your image,
May my poetry reflect your words?
Imaging your simplicity, your simple deeds.

Let me make my sinews your harp,
Let the divine rhythm flow on incessant,
Through the tongue of my pen
Give me the finest of rhyming words.

Oh my mother manifest in my words
And be my beloved thoughts always,
Fill my heart with poetry,
And let me offer you daily, a bunch of flowers.

The bloom of my heart,
The song of my soul,
Then my ignorance,
My tears
Pouring in to the strings of your silence,
The most powerful poem ever written.
A child Of innocence

Your softness in wave heaves
When you breathe,
The ambrosia from your breasts flow,
The subtleness in your mystic eye
Uncovers the depth of your compassion.
I love watching you with awe,
As you smile through the corner of your eyes,
Your innocence shines pink on your cheeks.
Oh you are mischievous,
The light of your laughter
Shine your lashes,
You blush at a touch.
Your shyness still makes me
Keep you veiled
Behind the mist of sweetness.
I want you to meditate on the
Laps of nature,
Let your beauty be untouched,
Let it be the treasure
Preserved for ever,
Un-imprinted by the
Feet of time.
Oh Mother nature,
Virgin Mary,
Give birth to another great
Child from the depth of your compassion,
A child from innocence.

Creation begins

Resting at the tip of a blade of grass
The pearly dew drops reflect
The entire universe.
Beads of beauty dropping down in strings
Of silence.
A celestial canopy is hung
At the end of the world,
Bedecked by night blooming jasmines.

The first golden rays of sun,
Feather touching soul of mist;
Creating a mystic screen.

Holy mother smiles on...
Warmth of her love percolates
In to the chill of dawn,
Darkness evaporates.

Honey drips down
From the heart of fruits and flowers,
Ambrosia of Love!

Spring from the breasts of nature,
Sages dip in ecstasy,
Tears of compassion flowing out
Incessant from the depth of holy eyes.
Mother's weep touches
The labyrinth of life.

Love melts the granules of frost
Entangled on the spider web,
The silence of creation begins.

Evening lamp

I saw you dancing in the evening wind leaping through the dusk
Embracing the evening mist, flashing your body in rhythm,
Showering grains of golden dust; you were waiting at the foot steps
In folded hands. The smell of your fragrance enveloping the air,
Intoxicating your devotee. Are you not burning as incense?
In order to touch every soul on earth,
The living and dead. The night fumbles in darkness
As you are still shining after sunset.
I watch your diamond nose-ring glitter,
Through and through the veins of darkness.
When I touch your feet let me hear the tinkle of your anklets.
I love the chime sound in my heart
When I fall on your shoulder
Let me smell the dust and sweat of who were here
Let me pray...Give me devotion, love, Faith,
I wish to fall on your lap unknown and known to you only.
Unknown for aeons.

A song for your arrival

From the awe of darkness,
From infinity, from the roar of silence
I hear galloping of your horse,
The cling clang of the mount,
The chime of bells,
Bray of horse makes me anxious.

I have been waiting in this stillness
For long,
The chill slowly creeping in to my limbs,
Only lights are the flashes of fireflies,
The angels hang around with the magic wand,
My eyes are closed in fear.
All of a sudden, your carriage appears - from nowhere,
Slowly I see your petal feet touch down soft.

Your anklets tinkling
Expresses your beauty,
The earth sighs in relief.
A cosmic-tune tickles down,
Then relieving me you appear in full splendour,
As spring in my mind,
Showering flower petals dipped in the mist
Of your fragrance.
Your embrace carries me away
To the reaches of your infinite magnanimity,
I fade into the subtle softness of your fold,
Merging in to the hue of your love,
I hear a symphony from nature,
The song of your arrival.


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