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a writing by Satheesan Rangorath

The truth dances around you

By Satheesan Rangorath

When your touch tickles me your tender fingers carve
Softness in my thoughts,
I see you appear from nowhere lifting the veil of mist,
Against flood of brilliance your eyes arch a rainbow.
Your cheeks shine, your tender smile releases
Thousands of colourful butterflies, who float in ecstasy,
Covering my body, kissing and waking every cell.
I love watching your glow touching with magnanimity every soul on earth.
I love seeing the spark in your eyes when you embrace me,
Your smile sprouts fresh buds even on a dry twig.
When you retreat to your silence
The truth dances around you,
Drumming the peace, tranquility all around,
Love trumpets louder and louder
From the lotus of your heart.


You had withdrawn into a shell,
Engraving your body with the wear of life.
But you enliven in the heart of words,
Pouring out from the inner depth,
From the loudness of your silence.
I know you enjoyed looking at your body in privacy,
Feel every cell of it,
The youthfulness and luxury,
Wondering the magic of its existence.
You dream a lot in aesthetics,
Imagining the colour mix,
Wing yourself far beyond the blue sky.
You were floating as if you were dancing
With the angels,
Your anklets tinkle in the sky,
Your nose-ring glitters,
Your bangles dangle,
Your eyelashes move weaving the delicate wings of angels.
You brought life to the moon,
Bringing a piece of its flesh,
Wearing the shine on your forehead,
You create a rainbow on your cheeks.
Men whistle when you move around,
Widening their nostrils
To feel your aroma hang in the air,
Creating a poem of yourselves,
Imprinting your tiny shoe flower feet
In every heart,
You tickle the beauty.
I listen to the giggle,
The sweet, womanly giggle.

A smile

A smile on your lips!
Springs a thousand doves,
Pure white wings spread
Long strokes against blue sky,
Your heart, heaving in rhythmic waves
Lashes the shore,
A glance of yours graces the earth,
Your thoughts shine stars.
With wonder and awe,
Mouth wide aghast,
Seeing your charisma
Charming my mind beaming,
I succumb,
Struck at your beauty,
Your divinity beaming graciously
All around.
Grains of your love fall on earth,
The mystique mist blows away in patches
To distant lands.
Oh my master!
Carry me in your hands slow
To those terrains unknown.
When you deposit me on the
Fertility of your thoughts
Blow me a kiss,

The oil lamp is burning

The oil lamp is burning,
A golden flame reaching out,
Licking darkness away.
At the tip of the wick, the life
Turning from black to blue thence
To red hot ember, into brilliance.
An aura beams out embracing
The shades of dancing blades of palm leaves,
Attuned with a slow breeze
The world drops down, spiralling, splitting,
Casting waves on the rock. Splashing
Silvery grains from the stars,
The flesh of moon lay scattered on the shore,
The sighs and heaving breasts
Mingle with the snore of bats,
Blooms the night life.

Out from nowhere
The rain moths circle the flame,
Burning the wings away,
Then crawling hopeless as worms.
Somewhere an owl cries in fear, flutters its wings,
Turning the head round
With burning eyes.

Finally he appeared,
Sweating and puffing,
His face covered in saliva,
And smear of lipstick on his face,
Silence of night shattered
By the fall of coconuts.

Yes. The moon takes a dip
In the lake of passion.

Womb of spring dew

On the tip of a blade of grass
Swings a dew drop,
Emitting golden misty granules
From the first rays.

She was hanging out in the misty dawn,
Frozen, shivering in the morning breeze.
The entire universe is pregnant
In the womb of spring dew.

Closing her eyes she dropped the globule
On her eye lids,
In the warmth of her dreamy eyelashes
It melted, tickling every cell of her body,
Then disappearing in her dream.
Enlightening her heart it appears
Again in her vision of compassion.
Now she doesn't see nightmare or dreams,
She experiences love everywhere
From a vanishing universe.

In the air of ecstasy she dances along,
Singing a cosmic tune.

Broken pieces of earthenware pot
Lying scattered all around
Scary foot prints of those who visited there.
Crushed jasmine flowers,
Puffed rice taking a beeline in the mouth of red ants,
Charred remains of fire wood,
Still spreads slender smoke.
Burned out incense buds
Half burned red silk still glares.

The plantain trunk planted still nods.
Fresh earth still wet, yet to dry.
The smell of earth hangs around,
Mingled with the sandal wood smoke
The air still caries the smell of incense.
Blades of camphor smoke hang on the leaves.
There is a grey shade screening around.
The sorrow waves of a shrill cry still moves in the air.
The fresh sprouts of seeds rise above.

His voice echoes all around.
His thick framed spectacles lie unattended.
His half read book.
His diary was not opened, the day he fell sick.
Slowly he will retreat to memories.
Into the obituary columns every year,
Then into family history,
Into oblivion.

Melody of life
You came and sat near me.
With subtle, divine purity,
Spreading the smell of fresh Champak,
Pervading innocence.

My stone heart resisting you,
Turned a blind eye,
Ignoring your presence.
The country air touching your hair,
Tickling me with the fragrance of your hair oil,
Looking through the corner of your eye,
By a flick you created a world of
Enchanting music around,
The melody of life,
Then created tranquility between us.
I see a heart full bloom of a smile,
Your lips partly opening your soul out,
Then touching the cord of love,
The string of life,
Future of existence.

From the charcoal of my fuming dark thoughts
I enveloped you all over.
Making a pass at your peace,
Consuming, me in to your aesthetic virginity,
You took me over.
Creating a harp out of me.
Then rendering a note from your silence.
The stone is meting down
Into a streaming symphony
Through your mouth,
Purifying every soul.

Dancing on my chest
You fell into the petals of my heart.
Rolling and rocking on,
Then scattering pearls everywhere and on the blue sky
I still hear your anklets ting,
Your nose ring shines in darkness,
You left leaving a glow in my heart,
And a lingering freshness,
Inspiration for my thoughts afresh.

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