The Song For Your Arrival

a writing by Satheesan Rangorath

Published In Voicenet Anthology No 10

From the awe of darkness
From infinity, from the roar of silence
I hear the galloping of your horse
The cling clang of the mount
The chime of bells
Bray of horse makes me anxious.

I have been waiting in this stillness
For long
The chill slowly creeping in to my limbs
Only lights are the flashes of fireflies
The angels hang around with the magic wand
My eyes are closed in fear
All of a sudden, your carriage appears- from nowhere
Slowly I see your petal feet touch down soft

Your anklets tinkling
Expresses your beauty
The earth, sigh in relief.
A cosmic tune tickles down
Then relieving me you appear in full splendor
As spring in my mind
Showering flower petals dipped in the mist
_of your fragrance
Your embrace carries me away…
To the reaches of your infinite magnanimity
I fade into the subtle softness of your fold
Merging in to the hue of your love
I hear a symphony from nature
The song of your arrival

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