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I am not sure how far I would reach in completing this life sketch, because the profile and attributes of subjected person is so enormous, my words and pen would be insufficient,
in order to give total justice to this person whom I will call here after as AMMA (means mother or Mamma). Amma is my guru and enlightenment. If the following words are from the depth of my heart, and force you to read this brief sketch, then her blessings made it possible. If you discard this article then it is only because of my fault. The personality of this holy saint mother is such that you will get yourselves dissolved in her compassion, forgetting your existence and entity. Never mind, you may continue reading.

Every year she tours all over the world, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, all over Asia Some parts of Africa. Many more countries. She represented India and Sanathana dharma by delivering a lecture in the world parliament of Religions held at Chicago in 1993. If any reader is heard of another great disciple Of SRI RAMAKRISHNA PARMAHANSA, H.H SWAMI VIVEKANANDA Who addressed the same parliament of religions exactly hundred years back.HH captured the heart of Americans by uttering five words "Sisters and brothers of America"Same way Ammachi captured the whole world by chanting a 'manthra' "Lokaha Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu" List of her profile is much more elaborate. The following details are Pasted from her website for the readers convenience

Addressing the World
Since 1993, Amma has been increasingly recognized by the international community as a treasured repository of practical spiritual wisdom, who has the capacity to guide the world towards a better, brighter future.Amma is regularly invited by international organizations to address the issues of religious differences, the environment, and peacemaking. The Parliament of the World's Religions chose Her as one of three Presidents of Sanatana Dharma (the Hindu faith). In 1995 Her "Unity is Peace" address was a highlight of the Interfaith Celebrations at the UN 50th Anniversary in New York. In 2000 Amma lent the UN Millennium World Peace Summit a unique charm with Her spontaneity, humility, and tenderness. Asked by the press what She would do if She was the ruler of the world, She esponded, "I would be the sweeper," so that She could "sweep everyone's mind clean."

In addition, in 2002, She was presented with the Gandhi-King Award for Non-violence, given in recognition of Her lifelong work in furthering the principles of non-violence. During the same event, at the UN headquarters in Geneva, She gave the keynote address at the Global Peace Initiative of Women and Religious Leaders.

2004 - Sep 21st, International day of Peace observation
2004— World Parliament of Religions, Barcelona, Spain. Keynote address at the concuding session of the parliament on July 13, 2004
2002 — The World Movement for Non-violence confers upon Amma
the Gandhi-King Award for Non-violence at the UN headquarters in Geneva
2002 — Amma is the keynote speaker at the
Global Peace Initiative of Women Religious and Spiritual Leaders at the UN, Geneva
2000 — Amma is a keynote speaker
at the Millennium World Peace Summit, UN General Assembly, New York
1995 — Amma addresses the Interfaith Celebrations
at the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, New York
1993 — Amma is invited to speak at the Parliament of the World's Religions'
100th Anniversary in Chicago; is chosen as one of three presidents of the Hindu faith

SEPTEMBER 27, 1953. A baby girl was born in a remote village called Parayakadavu, at Kollam district in Kerala, India, in a fisherman family. She was the fourth child of Suguna Achan (Father) and Damayanthi Amma. (Mother) This obscure little girl became a great saint and a re-nownd personality of the world today. Her parents named her as Sudhamani (Ambrosial Jewell) it was a sleeping costal village, where facilities for development seemed scanty .Social taboo were many in-charge. Nothing was easier there as life was miserable and hard. Being a girl in such a society was much more difficult .Male domination and ignorance added its share of discomfort, made living in the villages more difficult. Under such a circumstance, she had to grow up. This girl was born with some peculiar attributes. Like other children, she did not cry when she was born. As she did not cry; the parents got anxious and started to call Doctor; but to their surprise, the baby was found smiling. Moreover, they found her legs kept in Lotus posture (A very divine posture in Yoga). Her skin colour was also peculiar with a blue-black complexion often turning in to different colours; this strange phenomenon also made her parents worried and call for the village doctor. Despite this uniqueness, the baby became a darling of the household and favorite of villagers. She started to talk clearly, when she was six months. She was standing on her legs at the same time. Yes, she is on her legs since then.

At the proper age, she started her schooling in a nearby elementary school. During this period, she started to exhibit her love of the god. She wrote and sang devotional songs. Love for god was her prime past time. She was not interested in usual games of children play at her age. Although introvert by nature, she was a leader among her playgroup because of her gentle and noble manners. At a very young age, she was very fond of helping her neighbors in distress. Sudhamani often went out of way in helping others by distributing her share of food and even stole food and things from her home in order to help poor and hungry people in the village. This invited wrath from her parents and family members. She used to get scolding and beatings from her elder brother and parents. Her fine habits invited a lot of trouble from her relatives and members of family. She was very fond of lord Krishna and used to chant his name every breath she took and every step she took. Her devotion to Lord took a serious turn. Nothing was important for her other than pure devotion for the sake of devotion. She spent long time in meditation. All these habits at a young age invited more trouble from her family. They considered her as a mentally deranged person she was given punishment for her unnatural habits in her day-to- day life.

Her mother was a very strict disciplinarian; especially mothers of that time had a responsibility in rearing up their children, especially girls in a socially acceptable fashion. A Girl is supposed to be subdued and well trained to look after her husband and children, although; Sudhamani is very intelligent, she could not continue her education after fourth standard. She was suffering from some kind of stomach pain. This illness made her discontinue studies. Stoppage of studies did not help her much; she had to help her mother in her household chores. Damayanthi Amma entrusted her with more work
Her days started at 4 am in the morning and ended by past midnight Bringing drinking water by traveling long distance in a country boat rowing by her self. Looking after cows and their fodder supply daily, which she had to collect from the nearby neighbor hoods Cooking, washing, sending her brothers and sisters to schools in time by providing breakfast and lunch. All these domestic works took much of her time. Her mother was strict, and a little lapse of care in any of her duties invited more punishments. May be it was good intention of her mother to bring her up to take up responsibility In future. However, Sudhamani endured every experience patiently.

Her love for god never subsided, it was turned into fervor. She started spending more and more hours in meditation and singing devotional songs. One day she was kicked out of the house, as she could not control her madness in love for god. This really was a blessing in disguise .She used this opportunity in practicing severe penance and spiritual practices. She spent almost six moths with out food and sleep in seeking god. Later days she revealed that nature was for her rescue. One of her dogs used to bring food, her cow used to come daily In addition, show her udder for her to drink milk. Birds fly in with a whole fish to eat. She ate the raw fish and drank milk directly from cow'S paps. In a slow and steady progress toward her goal, she discovered her peace with in. She discovered tranquility and immense love toward every one, beings and non-beings all created a belonging to her or she belonged to them. Any wish of hers was turning in to a reality, either materially or spiritually. She became one with God. It is not god realization it is god him self in human form. This time lord chose to manifest in his motherly nature.

Once a sleeping angler’s village slowly was attracting attention people turned in To observe and test her godliness. She did some miracles to convince them by turning Water in to milk then into a sweet porridge, the same was converted into “Panchamritham” a type of sweet dessert made up of five sweet items, representing Five elements of nature. It is very difficult in India to convince the public. In spite Of all these aspects of her life, she had to endure many obstacles from the villagers,Atheists, non-believers’ socialists, etc. One by one her beloved disciples arrived and started spiritual practices under her able guidance. Now they are all matured enough
to take up her mission and teachings, are ascetics of Puri order.

Once this village was visited by a saint and predicted that this place will become a centre for spiritual practices. Great men from all over the world will come and practice spirituality here. His prediction became true as we can learn if we go further with the article. The name of the village was re named as Amritapuri, Sudhamani accepted a spiritual Name, here after she was called MATA AMRITANANDA MAYI DEVI. Her Disciples and devotees called her fondly as AMMA (MEANS MOTHER) or AMMACHI (SAME MEANING) by her western devotees Al though, she never said she is god However, her nature is of godly, saturated love incarnation, mother of universe. The great manifestation of nameless, formless, timeless nature of god. Abundance of love, compassion and concern toward all irrespective of caste, creed, or religion.Being in communion with every being or non -being. Now she is well known as a hugging saint from India. She hugs everybody who likes to meet her. By this time she must have hugged a billion people all over the world. Great souls turns themselves to be come an institution; amma is an example for that.

I would not be giving justice to this pen sketch if I do not give you her web site, if any of The readers find it interesting to know more about her and her works. Go logon to www.amritapuri.org.
You will get a lot of information that you would be interested.
Many educational instituitions like Engineering, Medical colleges are
functioning under her guidence.She introduce many social service programmes like oldage pension schemes, houses for the poor, oldage homes hospices for terminally ill patients.She was the 1st to announce aid packages about two billion Rupees, when tsunami struck In India and other parts of the world, She announces a One million Dollar donation to US when Hurricane Kathrina stuck in USA. More details are available in web sites.

India is known for her cultural heritage of spiritual saturation and self-sufficiency. The culture and civilization is dated back to more than 6000 years. During these years, there was a spiritual and cultural, renaissance in India. In order to describe India’s cultural heritage I quote just four SANSKRIT words, which is the epitome of Indian civilization which Say-so LOKAHA SAMASTHAHA SUKHNO BHAVANTHU” (Meaning=May all the beings of the world be happy)

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