a writing by Satheesan Rangorath

Dancing and singing world lives today,
Day retreats then, into fold of unknown.
Lively blooms of yesterday drop out,
losing fragrance, faded away into oblivion.

Sun gets away, so are the moon and stars,
Glitter and glamour on the ramp disappears.
Fashion show Background music falls silent.
Catwalks come to a stand still as time freezes

Now I see my world sits blank on my lap.
Like a switched off laptop with a dark face.
As I watch along, my world shrinks; shut down.
Silence seeps in slowly veiling in sorrow.

He was sitting in front of me a moment ago,
now enclaves himself in an urn of his ashes.
Devotional song he sung was frozen in claps
The earthenware pot broken litter in pieces

A sudden shriek, Atlas shrugs off a little,
there rests mighty globe in a casket of dust.
Uncertainty of life is certified by one certainty …
Dust to dust and ashes to ashes, chain continues.

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