Handwriting (not a poem just loud thoughts)

a writing by Satheesan Rangorath

Handwriting (not a poem just loud thoughts)

It is very difficult to write some thing,
with an ink pen now a day.
They all have disappeared turned obsolete.
Dot or ball pens ruled for a while,
had to give way to micro tipped gel refills.
Quill pens made way for long nib steel pens,
who demanded an inkpot ready for a dip.
Fountain pens with iridium tipped nibs did not last.
Handwritings became illegible.
Transcription books are pre-historic!
Only doctors scribble, readable only by a pharmacist.
Love letters are never written.
Messages of love sent by “SMS’’.
through scrolling bottom on TV screens,
a full declaration for viewing public.
romantics from pink of heart
Spilling onto a perfumed pink paper,
with a’ Parker’ is no more.
Laptops took over letter pads.
Speeches written in e-notebooks
Writers use ‘Word’ ‘n spell check.
Wall posters fall to flexes of time.
Wallpapers are not any more in China.
Mao Tse Tung thoughts flash in e-brains.
Patented e-thoughts globalize in china
Children learn alphabets on a play comp.
Handwritings are memories of past.
Calligraphy is an ancient art form.
Fate of Hieroglyphics repeats again.

Oh, my god I want to write with my pen again.
Do not take away my free hand art of writing!
Did you hear death of typewriters and Pitman’s shorthand?
Yes world is getting rickety rattling.
My blue letter pad still waiting unwritten.

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