MY STORIES-Continue My journey back

a writing by Satheesan Rangorath

MY STORIES –Continue My journey back
From arrangements and activities of my father, I gathered that my holidays are ending. The evidence is that my grandma was busy preparing storable sweets and other Long storable snacks for us to take to Mananthawadi. In our lives religion and practices is a way of life. Every activity we involve will have underlying connection to religion.Al though it was never felt that there is an underlying current of mythology, philosophy and rituals. The day my father decided to travel back with his family was a date, which was decided by an astrologer. Who selected an auspicious time for us to leave the house.My grandma was very particular about right timings

Before concluding our holiday, we made it a point to visit our family temple. It was customary to make offering to deity with best of fruits and flowers. Every body is born under a star, according to Hindu calendar there are 28 stars under which each human being is born. His/her horoscope is written according to time of his/her birth and assigned star. Astrologer writes the chart and a long description of what all-important incidents would take place during the lifetime of that particular person.

At last, the day arrived. We got up early in the morning. My father packed and arranged our bags and baggage. I went to all elders and sleeked their blessings by touching their feet. My grandma gave me a warm hug and touched my head. She also put some money in my pocket and said you can buy candy on way. I touched her feet and cried. I touched all my cousins and bid farewell to them and some light touch to my favorite cousin sister. She gave me a beautiful pencil box, which I had used for a long time until my tenth standard class.

My father’s aunty was accompanying us to Mananthawadi. She took my hand and led me. Chami was waiting at the gate. I touched him and gave him the money that grandma gave me. It was such a pleasure to give him and his eyes was shining when he got the money. It is my sincere respect to him for all the trouble he took taking me everywhere.

My returning journey was not enjoyable. Although scenery on way is very exciting As we approached hill station, it did not attract my attention. Wild animals on way was also did not add thrill to my mood. All the way back I slept expecting and awaiting out journey back ends soon. Faces of my cousins and my special cousin sister and grandma.As we approached hilly region rain fall became strong and visibility was very low. Vehicles passing opposite side had switched on to head lights. I could not enjoy the scenery as sleep grabbed me strongly and lead me to the valley of dreams. When the bus stopped, it was raining and dark. Another surprise was waiting for me there. I learned thatWe are going to the old rented house, e were staying. We are going to move into a new house. Another reality is that I am losing my friends there our property owner’s daughters. When we reached, the new home it was dark there seems to nothing in the vicinity Or people have gone to bed so early because of rain and cold.From the bus stop, we walked almost mile to our new home. street was lit with hurricane lamps( kerosene ) placed on row of lampposts. Small night fly’s circle round each street lamp, Although, darkness was consuming feeble light that comes out of darkened glass chimneys had a heavenly look all the way. I liked the scenario, when small creatures’ circles round was shining like little stars. At last, we reached home through twilight
Our house was a thatched roof hut made up of mud, bamboo and palm leaves. As soon as we entered two catsjust ran away in protest. After dislodging our baggage, my father went to nearby Bungalow, where our new property owner resides. My father returned with a fat man and a woman who opened doors for us. After formal introduction we entered into our rented house, placing our right feet first .it is practice considered auspicious. House had a long veranda at the front, then a living room a bedroom on the side then kitchen at the far end. My mother entered the kitchen and quickly boiled some milk, which she had brought in a flask from our home. It is also considered a ritual to cook milk first before Regular cooking begins. We all had hot milk as refreshment while mother was preparing Our supper. She prepared’ kanji’ rice cooked like porridge with lots of water. We had to Satisfy ourselves with “Kanji” as there was no other alternative. Along with kanji, “Chammanthi” (ground red chilly with onion and salt) is a tasteful combination especially when it is raining.

Our day ended to an early retirement to bed. Over the roof I could see tiny holes, through which sparks of lightning was pouring down often giving view of tiny dots of sky.Dreaming about my little dreams of a long holiday,mother of sleep embraced me in to her warm breasts; there I rested my long day

I think enough for this blog before I bore my readers with my thoughts!

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