Exclusive shot

a writing by Satheesan Rangorath

By Satheesan Rangorath

People queuing outside town hall,
holding flowers and wreaths.
His long nose still rises above his head,
nosing for a change, he envisaged.
Nothing changes from where he had left yesterday.
All his books, speeches, journals, criticisms,
Thoughts, will be aired for some time,
then they disappear only to be remembered on anniversary.

Exclusive shot

He had his last laugh.
Had a sip of water,
said his thoughts well.
pressing press.
Channels chipped well.
Cameras clicked him in.
Press conference is over.
While in camera,
he opened his eyes wide.
once more looked at the world.
gulped his last air.
and retired smiling
Head swayed to right a little.
that is it, he went away,
leaving a smile for world,
to decipher a mystery.
They captured his last breathe,
exclusively telecasted too.

Prof. M.N VIJAYAN died in front of cameras while
speaking in a press conference. As a thinker, critique,
an orator, social leader, professor and a writer,
above all a fine human being, he created and represented a species that is in extinct.
This is a homage from an unknown person

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