Cyber Wedding

a writing by Satheesan Rangorath

They shoot each other,
focused right through.
Flashes of beams scare,
imaged in digital details.
So cool slangy vice(ViZ) kids!

As if from a planet alien,
dressed in fancy outfits,
they roam roaming mobiles,
holding gadgets of all size,
In every colour schemes.

Two IT kids are to tie knots.
Groom rides a bike to hall.
Exchanges’ sms” to bride
Reply arrives in” mms’’ soon,
with song in digital scale.

Leather jacketed groom,
shake hands with Jeanie bride.
Then winks on I- pod smart.
Cybering a theme of love,
networking to all n’ priests.

Wedding vow by multimedia,
care to share a compo note.
Rings on Intel four exchanges.
downloading an animated pic.
There arrives father in white.

No one cares his services.
His prayers turned gibber,
drowned in techno murmur.
kids ran amuck swarming.
Do you take this girl for your wife?
No, she just found another man,
from her net hangout cafe!

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