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COUNTDOWN TO CANCER from the Writing Collection of Jacinta Ramayah, Malaysia

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Jacinta Ramayah, Malaysia

Short Story


It started as a little bud in my breast. (Doctors call it a lump.) I willed it to go away. As I said my daily prayers I asked Him to make it disappear. As time passed I forgot about it as I dealt with the heap of work on my table. Retirement was around the corner and I promised myself a visit to the hospital once I became a retiree. But it seemed as the months sped by the bud had blossomed into a flower with roots reaching out to grip the circumference of my right breast. Suddenly it protruded as a fruit with a hard shell at the top. It took me another few months before I geared myself to make that daunting trip to see a doctor at the hospital in my hometown. The number of questions the group of doctors who observed me asked and their worried looks fazed me. The results of the biopsy a month later diagnosed malignant cancer with three lumps (one in my lymphatic node) and the operation was then scheduled for 24 December. By this time the clan had gathered round because I had promised celebrations in my home decked with holly, Christmas tree and a spray-white log cabin. Imagine their surprise when everyone saw that I was in the hospital trussed up like a ‘turkey’. I am at home now after a six-day stay at the hospital. What lies ahead is the cycle of chemotherapy and that frightens me.
The reason I am writing this is to let readers know that a regular trip to the hospital is necessary and never to take one’s body for granted.

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FromComment about document or authorResponse CountryResponse Added
Jacinta RamayahYou are brave, Marie. I am glad things got better for you.Malaysia4/24/2010 11:41:00 PM
marie smithin 1997 i was given a year to live i took no notice and didn't let it rule my life put the cancer out with the rubbish but clean around it i.e. do what you have to at the hospital much love to youuk4/23/2010 3:08:29 PM
Jacinta RamayahDear Thelma and an unknown friend - thank you for writing. All the readers who have sent messages of hope, I'm grateful for the comfort you have given me. I'm on the fourth cycle of chemo and I'm glad when the whole process will be over. Malaysia4/23/2010 8:32:41 AM
Jacinta, after reading your entry my admiration for you grew. You are indeed one of those few who walk tall among us. Immense courage and acceptance is needed to talk about the dreaded C in the open. My heart goes out to you. Take care and hope that everything will be a big OK.4/17/2010 10:47:25 PM
thelmaDear Jacinta a most deserving win,much admiration for you who although there are some difficult times ahead for you , you manage to take time to send a warning to all never to take one's body for granted, you are a woman to be admired!3/27/2010 7:22:27 AM
Jacinta RamayahDear Marcia, thanks for your sweet words. I've read many of your poems and I think you make a deserving winner, too.Malaysia3/17/2010 8:42:22 AM
Jacinta RamayahLinda oh Linda, I think you are one great woman. I can imagine the pain and distress you must have gone through and you survived. My prayer is that God give you the best that life has to offer.Malaysia3/17/2010 8:24:54 AM
Jacinta RamayahThank you, Dr Sudarsan and God bless you, too. I had to think twice before I sent in this document. It was such a personal matter but I wanted the readers to know that taking care of their health is important. Malaysia3/17/2010 8:15:25 AM
Marcia SchechingerJacinta congratulations on winning! Your bravery on sharing this verse while coping with your own medical problems, so as other women our age will immediately seek help, is what I call a formidable woman. :) USA3/16/2010 8:10:45 PM
Dear loving Jacinta, it is only now that I`ve read this piece, full of courage and strength although you are facing a horrible monster in health.Recovery is a long process, I know. But your faith will help you.Thanks for sharing your situation and at the same time, inviting us all to do what is necessary in safeguarding our health. Thank you so much. You deserve this award. Thanks for all your beautiful write-ups here at (EPO) 3/16/2010 5:37:53 PM
linda terrellYour a brave woman indeed. I too went through that many years ago. I was still very young. Something unusual for a woman in the 20's. I am a survivor of that evil leach---cancer. Medicals process has progressed much over the years and even though it is rough you should be tough...Keep that in mind. As we all know only the tough survive. Keep us informed of your progress Jacinta, God bless. usa3/16/2010 8:41:29 AM
drsudarsan prasadCongratulations Jacintha, I am glad that you emerged a winner( and every inch a deserving one at that!). I will be even more glad that when ( May the Goddess smile and will ) you will emerge a winner in the tough battle against cancer ! God bless you!India3/16/2010 4:49:22 AM
Jacinta RamayahJJ and Nancy thank you for your kind words. I thank the team at VoicesNet, too, for deciding that my piece is worth a mention. I hope readers know that it is worth going for a check-up when they feel a tiny lump. The doctors may need to remove just that lump. It lessens the heart-ache and fear. Malaysia3/16/2010 4:00:15 AM
Nancy CrosslandDear Jacinta, Congratulations on winning the writer's contribution for December. Sharing something so personal and a part of you was deeply touching. I pray for your speedy recovery and positive thoughts are always with you, my friend. You are a very special lady.USA3/16/2010 2:39:59 AM
JJCongratulations on winning the writers contest, Jacinta!USA3/16/2010 2:17:46 AM
Jacinta RamayahNoel and Lee thank you both for writing in. Sorry for taking such a long time to acknowledge your messages. It has been two months since my mastectomy. Will be going for chemotheraphy for the first time tomorrow (25.02.2010). Malaysia2/24/2010 9:47:33 AM
Lee EmmettJacinta, thinking of you, and wishing you well ... With love, LeeAustralia1/4/2010 9:07:19 AM
Noel N. VillarosaSad to read this Ms. Jacinta, I am trying to visualize a world without affliction to mankind, no worries and no pains. Just be brave my friend as there is always solace in prayers and through prayers of all of your friends here in voicesnet, I am sure you will come out to that test as a winner. Keep smiling and always keep in touch with us all here. You're a winner to me Ms. Jacinta.Philippines1/3/2010 3:16:35 AM
Jacinta RamayahDrsudarsan, Janet, Thelma, Hema and Kanika - when I read your messages I was consoled. I am grateful to be able to keep in touch with friends like all of you on VoicesNet. Thank you for your love and concern.Malaysia12/31/2009 10:09:38 PM
Kanika KhannaJacinta, God and all of us are definitely with you. Dear, don't worry and have faith in God. You will be in our prayers.. May this new year brings good health and lots of happiness to you! Keep smiling and writing.India12/30/2009 8:47:32 AM
Hema RaviJacinta, it would certainly be a nightmarish experience. But never lose your will power-you will emerge unscathed! A colleague survived the fourth stage and is currently leading a near normal life, after a two year battle with the dreaded illness........Our prayers are with you to take the chemo sessions. Prayers from the VN family members would help you face this with fortitude.India12/30/2009 8:00:43 AM
thelmaDear Jacinta, my prayers are with you having two dear friends who have gone through the same ordeal some ten years ago and still surviving all will go well for you, god bless and keep in touch and most of all keep writing we need you her on voices !australia12/30/2009 7:47:00 AM
Jacinta - I wish you all the best - I am a great admirer of you as a lady and a poet - in my new job, I speak to many people who have been through what you are now dealing with and come out smiling and stronger at the end of it. If the hopes and wishes of all your admirers are gathered together on voices, you will do just fine. Janet Psaila X12/30/2009 6:59:56 AM
drsudarsan prasadI am ashamed ( and guilty)of skipping this one, Jacintha almost felt like kicking myself! Anyway ,as Gail said,and as I have witnessed , there are many others who have survived the ordeal In our own NCL colony, and smile at me in my walking rounds. Let the divine mother be auspicious , you also belong to the gritty ones ,who will fight it out and emerge winners! God bless and let it go away like a bad nightmare! My sincere wishes and prayers!india12/30/2009 5:49:46 AM
Jacinta, thanks for sharing this. I know it is not an easy ordeal. I`ve been through it. But God`s love is boundless. In the deepest sorrow and despair we also can find his loving presence. Please give us an update as we keep you in our prayers.12/30/2009 2:59:46 AM
Jacinta RamayahTo all of you - Marcia, JJ, Dowell, Nancy and Gail - my grateful thanks for your words of compassion. Best wishes to you, too, for a great year ahead. Malaysia12/30/2009 1:57:03 AM
Gail KayRemember the words of Jesus "Fear not" and make them your own. You are coming into a time of great grace dear Jacinta - God will be closer to you than ever. I know this because I too have fought this fight; mastectomy and chemotherapy in 1991 and am still here to annoy everyone in voicesnet almost 20 years later. You will be in all our prayers for a full recovery too.Australia12/29/2009 9:45:03 PM
Nancy CrosslandDear Jacinta,you are brave to share this with us, and I feel privileged. Keep strong and hopeful with your faith. You are on the right path for treatment and we pray, a full recovery. You are in my prayers as we approach the new year with hope, faith and peace. Keep writing, as your special talents are needed! USA12/29/2009 9:32:30 PM
Dowell ObaJacinta, I feel so touched by your condition. My prayers go out to you, as I pray for your successful recovery and strong physical health. May you have a true Happy New Year filled with a continuation of your artistry!Nigeria12/29/2009 5:57:33 PM
JJI will schedule mine tomorrow. Thanks for the poignant message and I will pray for your healing. USA12/29/2009 5:09:39 PM
Marcia SchechingerOur dear Jacinta, I am glad you shared this with us as we are friends. The fear you are facing brings tears to my eyes, but I have had friends & family that have conquered the battle with no reoccurance. Thinking & and praying for you in this time of need. God bless, MarciaUSA12/29/2009 4:11:08 PM

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