Exhibiting works of art and an offer

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

I have just spent 6 hours,hanging up 55 pieces of my paintings in one church headquarter in another town. Now I feel relieved. The exhibition will be there from the month of January to April. This means that I`ve got more space in my working room but I still have paintings for more exhibitions. 8 years have enabled me to produce quite a number.

I would be glad if friends at voicesnet.com could take at look at some of my paintings in my website and see if there is something you can be interested. I am selling them for a special price for friends which I can post by mail. Or I would be glad to make a painting to illustrate your poem.

The whole Christmas holiday did not give me time to paint even one single piece.I was very busy with the written examination.Luckily, it`s over and tomorrow I can think of sitting in silence and painting something about winter. Or maybe write a poem on winter. Who knows creativity will be awakened tomorrow.

But for now, goodnight everyone. It is soon midnight. Enjoy the snow and feel the freshness of the new day when you wake up. Take care.

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