a writing by Nancy Ellen Crossland

They come from every part of the world bringing their diverse backgrounds. They have their own set of challenges that they face daily as we all do; family, health concerns, employment, political unrest etc. It is all put aside when catastrophe strikes. They are joined by a common goal: aid and rescue.

Whether it be flood, earthquake, fire, tornado, typhoon, they are there. They focus entirely on assisting others - their brothers in humanity; they know not who they are. Hours, days of tireless efforts to aid their fellow man pulling them from the last grip before death may claim them. Giving those helpless a helping hand and hope. Hope and faith in the human race that they are not forgotten, that their lives are of great value. That we are all important.

They have no wings or halos. What they do have is compassion, perseverance and respect. Respect for all lives in our great earth. They are the angels sent to restore hope and faith to begin again.

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