a writing by Nancy Ellen Crossland

Does one ever really "grow up" completely? When does one know when they have reached their full capacity of being "grown up?" Is there a meter; a gauge on which we are able to measure such growth? Do we all not possess a blend of various stages of emotional growth?

I believe I don't ever want to be all "grown up" because in doing so do you not lose that enchanting, innocent quality of a child therefore becoming as dry as a parched leaf shriveled by the blazing sun? I prefer to run along the beach at dusk feeling the coolness of the wet sand beneath my feet; the wind in my hair. I'd rather walk through the forest inhaling the luscious scents of the trees. My head back gazing at the splendor of nature.
Oh to always enjoy the simple yet beautiful things in this life and never to be "too old" not to remember how being a child is.

I truly believe that to retain that bit of a child within us, we shall always be young.

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