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You can now share your VoicesNet content on Facebook, where there are 750 million users!

You will see the Facebook SHARE button in many places at VoicesNet.com and VoicesNet.org, making it easy for you to share your content posted here with your friends on Facebook.

Have your VoicesNet writings shared around the Facebook network, allowing more and more readers to follow the links to your writings. This will attract more and more readers for your writings.

If you have a Facebook account, take advantage of this free marketing opportunity for your writings. Once you are logged on to Facebook, you can post your VoicesNet content to your Facebook accounts. We do not ever have access to your Facebook membership information.

Enjoy this exciting new feature! It is already on our home page, but more importantly, it has been rolled out to your document and poem display pages and also to your site profile pages where a list of your works are displayed for visitors to choose from.

This is an exciting endeavor for all of us here at the VoicesNet community, many of whom have Facebook accounts of our own.


The VoicesNet Team

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