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We have rolled out changes to the homepage and we think the overall changes are a big improvement.

If you were getting used to the prior homepage, we apologize for forcing a different view on you, but we are always trying to improve our user experience and trust us, we know we have some areas that need improvement, so here you have it.

Here is what you will see with the new homepage interface at VoicesNet.com:

(1) An upgraded page top banner that clarifies VoicesNet's mission areas better (this page banner will be apparent around the VoicesNet.com site).

(2) Our own animated speaking hostess, Sara, who tells all visitors a little about VoicesNet. Plan to see Sara and other animated VoicesNet hostesses and hosts around the site.

(3) A focus on education in our new homepage branding.

(4) A better organized homepage with nice new separators to help us to organize and present our content to you in a better way.

(5) A more consistent color combination--although not at our eventual design, it is a good transition design.

(6) Subtler button blues.

(7) The use of Text "MORE >" Links allowing a user to click for more information in a particular page topic area. Previously we used these obnoxious dark blue buttons which caused a visual distortion.

(8) Links are now in blue Arial fonts and when you go over them with your cursor they show up underlined to let the user know where the links are on a page. This approach will be rolled out throughout the site. Ad fonts will also be changed to meet this font and color requirement.

(9) The removal of some clutter occurred from the home page - the additional information area at the bottom is still displaying additional information that we are in the process of reviewing.

(10) The title and description of the site have been changed to better represent our current mission.

(11) The recent poem and recent documents areas were moved closer to the top of the page and above the fold to give more emphasis on our foundation.

(12) We have added a section on educational resources and career training. We have always emphasized education at VoicesNet and continue to expand our efforts in these areas.

(13) In the Education and Career areas, we have provided links to our focus CNA Control panel and CNA Registry that VoicesNet now maintains.

(14) The left menu has been revised to present a better user experience.

(15) We have expanded our use of the color orange which goes great in many design circles with the color blue. We have limits with our current historic template colors but do plan on making these slight color revisions to enhance the user experience.

(16) We removed ads from the page except the Google link ads at the top of the page. We have tried ads on the home page and quite honestly, for the little bit of money we generated on this page, it is not worth troubling our members with.

(17) We have removed the single rotating member pod while leaving the rotating 4 member pod area. It has been brought to our attention that the members who get the focus should be members who contribute the most around the site and our site is designed in many ways on that concept so we will continue to implement more ways to give valuable link space to the most worthy members.

(18) We have removed the number of items displayed in many of the homepage list items, considering that the lists usually have a MORE link to display many other list items.

(19) We have removed some information from the list of responses that we did not feel was needed while leaving the responses.

(20) The list of recent members now appears in a row near the top of the page displaying links to the last 12 members at the site.

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