Roots, Essential Part of the Present Reality

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Even if one has acquired a new passport, has lived in a new country for a number of years, has eloquently learned the new language of the new country, still there is that longing for one`s own roots. Roots cannot be cut off from the well-being of a refugee or an immigrant. The roots will ever dwell in his/her consciousness, a part of the present and the future life. That`s why it is very important to be able to visit the roots, to come to one`s own country and go back to experience the smell, the sounds, the sight and the touch of what one used to smell, hear, see and touch.

Even if I have lived in Denmark for more than 13 years now and have acquired the Danish language,have worked to contribute to the upbringing of children in the Danish society, still I feel that my other foot is in my home land,the Philippines.Still it is my desire,that one day I should go back again and see that part of my own childhood history.

Our roots are integral part of our being. They need to be safeguarded if only we have to survive as healthy citizens in the new country we have settled into.

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