Take Care Of Your Voice

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

This is now the fifth day. I have lost my voice after 6 hours of teaching. It just happened within this long cold winter. No voice came out.Gone is that voice I used to call my own voice.I had to whisper. But it was not of help. I had to write instruction on the blackboard so children could understand my expectations.

Then the worst thing came. I had to escort my students to the psalm project feast where my students who had been practicing five psalms should be singing together with students from other schools in our municipality. It was a feastly event with different musical instruments and more than 400 children raised their angelic voices,singing the common selected psalms as we had practiced earlier. And I stood there holding my song book, not able to sing neither hum. It was awful.

Now I have decided never to stress my voice again. I feel I am sick and have the right to report sick. I only have to lie down and close my mouth and refuse to teach,give instructions or sing. I should only give my voice a chance to rest. So here, I write these lines.

Dear friends at voices.net.com, take care of your own voice.Have a good day.

shared experience: March 12, 2010

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