Easter Nest

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

It was a gorgeous spring day. The clouds spread delicately across the blue sky. My little grandsons were knocking at my door.

"Grandma." They yelled. I hurried to the door. They were here to get their Easter candy. Their mother had dropped them off. I was as excited to see them as they were to get thier Easter candy. I had made some lovely little cardboard colored containers stuffed plastic easter grass and candy in each one. They were so excited they tore thorugh it getting out their favorite candy.
"I like the chocolate." Said my little cuddly buddy while licking away the bits in the corners of his mouth, smiling joyfully.

It was their fathers weekend to pick them up so I kept them till he did. Sunday was their day of football, baseball, what ever they could do to have that quality time with him, ususally at the park. They scampered out grabbing their baskets when he arrived. I smiled and waved as they hurried out.

Later I walked out into the yard. It was so nice I had decided to go for a walk. I saw a bit of Easter grass on the steps but didn't pay any attention to it. I picked up the few strands tucked them into my pocket and went on.
Time passed and beofe we realized it was fall, with the gorgeous falling of he colorful leaves.
It was a lovely autumn day the breeze was brisk the whole day was long. I had to sit out in the yard just a little longer. It would be getting cold soon and I loved the ouside so much I sit to capture the lovely fallen leaves. Nature that time of year paints a lovely picture. I happened to gaze up into the trees. Ther it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.

There in the tree was a large bird nest built with colorful Easter grass from my grandsons careless dropping of it last Easter. It is said we should all recycle. Well that season the robbins had did their very part. For it was nestled in that tree till spring when it was used again until a storm tore it from the limbs. What a lovely sight in the the following winters blasting cold. It was so amazing to see in the empty branches of that tree in my front yard, that pink colorful birds nest. It shows the color and brings a smile to the heart of spirng even far away.

Linda Terrell
March 14, 2010

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