God`s Angels through the Eyes of Faith

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Meeting an Angel on the Road

It had been a very long day- six hours of teaching and 2 meetings in a row. When I went out from the last board meeting, I realized it was already dark. The bus that would usually take me to the main station had already left. I did not know when the next bus would come. I waited for some minutes more. No sign for a bus. I could not wait for an hour longer. It was cold and dark. And I was hungry. I thought I should walk to another direction where I could find a city bus that would take me to the center part of the town, where I could take another bus home.

Then from quite a distance I saw a car. I waved at the car, signalling the plea to be picked up. I did not know whom I was waving at. I could not see the face of the person driving. There was no fear in my heart. The car stopped. The door opened. I said that I would really wish if he could drive me to the center part in town. And he said, okay. When I heard his voice, then I knew he was one of my colleagues in school. I laughed with all my heart as I tried to sit down and put on the seat belt. Right away I told him that he was God`s angel sent to me at that exact time I was in need for help. He laughed with all his heart.

Then he drove me to next bus station. When we reached the station, I once again declared that he was God`s angel sent to me. I said it with all honesty, not minding whether he was a Christian, a muslim or an atheist. I simply described how I read his appearing at that desperate moment I needed help. I told him it was not the first time I have experienced like this. “God always provides angels”, I reiterated. He smiled a very big smile.

And when I got out of the car, I said once again, “Thank you for being God`s angel to me” And then he answered, “ You find angels because you too, are an angel.” And we both laughed. As I took the next bus to my home town, I felt the great joy finding an angel on my way home at the moment I needed.

Angels in God`s own world and in our own time are made visible through the eyes of faith. In reality they are in our midst.

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