I Name You Summer Love

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

Kindra barely 17 stood at the window of the huge cold abortion clinic, her heart sinking even deeper as she longed for her mother. Her mother refused to miss work, not even for such an event. She felt saddened. Her mother's friend Jasper stood nearby shuffeling his feet showing his inward nervousness. Her mother had signed the papers of the days events with a notery and forced her to sign her signarure too. The preperation was done.
All was over now but the days dark gloom of what the doctor had to do. She scringed as she thought of it. Kindra sit down and looked out the window on a hot summer day. A block away she could see the children playing in the yard. She watched them going up and down the slides. She suddenly yearned of those days again and sadly they were not that long ago. She'd never even wanted this to happen or to come to this. Her new (6 months) boyfriend was supposed to comfort her and her mother too, even her dad, through something like this or so she believed. How could they all run out on her in this time of her need she thought and of her baby too. How could they, the words echoed in her mind.
She watched the children and her heart sunk deeper, as hr eyes lingered on them she wondered what she would have done if she could have kept her baby and named it.
Just then the nurse came in and called her name, as she looked up she felt a huge lump build in her throat. How would she tell her boyfriend of this now. Her mother had made her promise she would not tell him of it. She was now having some doubts. Just as she walked into the inside waiting room she looked out the window and the children playing were gone. Her heart sunk and she picked up her purse and told her mothers friend she wanted to go to the rest room she would be right back soon. She walked out the door and run down the hall. She knew then that what ever happened form that moment on she would never go back into that room. Her heart swayed a sudden gladness. She dodged into the room in the downstairs basement to hide. She spotted a woman going down the hall. She asked a passing woman if she could use her phone. She called Keith.
"Keith I beg you not to ask me why right now but I need you to pick me up immediately." She begged.
"I've been trying to reach you why didn't you answer?" He asks her.
"My mom took my phone away last night when my dad went out of town on business. Please come and get me now. She sobbingly begs.
"Where are you?"
"I'm on 5th and Orange Blossom street." She silently then waited for his answer.
"Isn't that near the abortion clinic....what are you doing......" His voice stopped.
"Are you? Are we?"
"Yes we are, my mom didn't want me to tell you because she didn't want me to miss out on what she calls a better life. Please come now her friend Jasper is up stairs and thinks I'm in the restroom. I can't let this happen and I hope you won't let it either, so hurry! I'll be standing out back by the dumpsters. Please now?
He sighed sadly and said "Yes, I'll be there."
When he picked her up they talked. He drove streight to his church to talk to the pastor.
They didn't know what to do but had the good since even after their mistake to know where to go to protect their child and get help for their child.
As they walked up the huge steps of the church she reached for the huge brass door handles, she with one hand clinched Keiths then turned and touched her stomach.
"I name you Summer Love, my child.
With that she took that one big step into her new life however hard it might be she was brave enough to face it as a loving mother.
Parents, even though kids are young when they go through mistakes, poor decisions, and misjudgements they are smarter than some give them credit for. These to kids in this ficiton story I have created fought hard to keep alive the life they had mistakingly created. With the right guidance and help there is always a way, as God will provied.

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