Trina's Ashton's Love

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

Do you like love stories? This one is about Trina Ashton. She is a lovely young working mother married to her handsome husband Floyd Ashton. Together they approach a long life together in they approach many the trials they enounter of their many years together.

Chapter 1

Trina stood folding fresh washed cloths. She heard the door bell ring. She said, "Just a minute." As she hurried to answer it.
It was Tonya, she quietly stood in the shade of Tonya's porc, her back to the door. She didn't seem to be unusually concerned it was taking Trina so long to answer the door. Trina opened the door, but did not let Tonya in. Tonya's face was a solumn white. Trina stood waiting for her to speak.

(10 years earlier)

Trina wasn't like she'd been years ago. She cried so easily now just at the drop of a hat. If she didn't know better she would thing she was expecting. But that would take the participation of a partner and she and Floyed been so busy with work and the kids they had little time for each other. He was always out in the yard with his lovely flower garden, if not that he was mowing. As particular as if he'd given the lawn a much needed manicuring. Their lawn was as well groomed as any prize poodle she often thought.

It would be Christmas soon and she missed her father. Even though he had been gone for some time. She never forgot his jolly laugh and smile he had. Even recalling the tiny little specks of tobacoo in the corners of his mouth were even to plesant memory now. Sometimes she could even smell the sent of his tobacoo in her imagination as she closed her eyes lapping up the memories her mind brought forward. She recalled the talks the had when it was she and her father. His wisdom words haunted her on days like this one. His advise was that of a wise judge that was about to sentence someone brought before him to life....Or so she had many times felt in his presence.

She leaned back into the huge brown easy chair. The living room quiet now. It was nearly 8:00pm now and the evening traffic was deminishing. It was nearly dark and she sit in the dim light in ther living room. She was silently waiting on the kids in their rooms to make a fuss and disturb her plesant day-dream..That was how it usually went she though. The memories began flowing, Many years ago this time of the evening she had always sit on her dads lap and he brushed away her heavy locks of hair from her face. At night she would lie across his lap as they watched TV together, in a world of their own. She was never that close to her mother..She was a work-a-holic. She never sit down the house was immaculate and she refused to allow anyone to even drop a crumb. She remembered her young child hood years while drifting deeperinto her past, as she rested that evening. As she recalled her mother carried a dustpan in the pocket of her apron and the tiny whisk broom was always within her reach. They were prim propper and of course abused. Not by their father but by the nagging of her mothers selfish obsessive demands.
Just then she heard the children arguing. She sit up and brushed her hair from her face, tossing her long brownish auburn hair over her shoulder as she went into the childrens room.
"Tommy don't hit your sister."
"But my listen mom.....she interupted.
"I said don't hit your sister and I mean stop. Now!"
Tommy walked over grabbing the pillow off the bed, tossing it at the window.
"Stop it now, don't act like that. Your father will be home any time. You kids get this mess picked up."
With that she walked into the kitchen.
Floyd was late way wasn't her here by now. He hadn't been late except for when he.....Her thoughts changed and her hands clinched. Just about three years prior he was coming home from work and a man half drunk had plowed into him from behind.

He was always home by 4:45 except in icy weather and then never later than 5:30pm. She began to pase the floor inbetween frying the chicken and tossing her salad. It was nearly 6:30.
Ring---Ring. She stood nearby the kitchen phone and reached to pick it up. She could hear the music in the background.
Who could it be she though.
"Trina, Trina" the voice yelled.


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