a writing by Nancy Ellen Crossland

He was just another face in the crowd. A sea of faces; men and women, young and old. Some shouted, jeering, ridiculing in frenzied voices filled with hate. Some sobbed mournfully beating their chests; shaking their heads in disbelief. Then there were those like this man who gazed fixedly on Him. So many times he had heard Him speak to the multitudes. Speaking of peace,love and hope. Never in rantings, inciting riots or unrest. Always peaceful. Why? He shook his head bewildered by this chain of events. There He was. Silent. Head bent under the strain of the cross He carried. Head crowned with thorns. His back and shoulders bearing the mark of beatings. The man shook his head and cried.

His name has been lost or perhaps never even recorded. But his compassion and faith is timeless. Why? He kept asking himself over and over again. They had chosen Him to crucify over Barrabas, a murderer. Why? Out of fear, envy of what He taught- the principles of love, charity, forgiveness, compassion. As he watched Him continue his journey to his final destination, he prayed. Prayed for those who failed to absorb the message, who refused the beauty of faith. Yes, he prayed for all mankind. His death was not in vain.

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