Lacy's Summer Fun

a writing by Linda Bates Terrell

Lacy was a fun fulled 13 year old city-girl that loved to go out in the woods and roam among the tall trees and walk barefoot through the creek filled with cool rocks. She so loved the coolnees in the woods as the sunlight peeked through the tall trees. She delighted laughing, as they swung from the huge grape vines laughing all afternoon.
Lacy was a city girl but tired of the lights, cement, and shopping of the city's entertainment. She longed to go to the country, the summer breezes, the ponds to fish in, and the bike rides she and her cousins took on warm summer days. She even liked riding all the way to town to seel the pop bottles to get money to go horse back riding, She adored the smell of the dirt from the gravel they tossed behind them as over the dusty gravel roads they peddled, as they went from their house to visit their grandma and grandpa. That smell to her ment freedom. She always admired sun downs in the evening through the distant trees. It was a memory she would carry in her heart forever.
The story began back in the early 1960's, as the sun of the days heat shown down on her white shoulders, it soon gave her some sunburn pain, but she didn't care. It was much better than sitting in their back yard alone searching for 4 leaf clovers. She like any other 13 year old kid longed for fun with her family and friends.

On this day they were all together, Lacy and her cousins, walking down the road to the horse barnsnearby that belonged to one of her cousins classmates fathers. Her cousins school classmate was a 16 year old boy and oh so cute, tall, thin, dark slick shiny hair. Every school girls dream. He had to work all day in the barns tending to the horses. It was his summer job. Lancy and her friends and cousins could not wait to go horse back riding every summer and to see Trevor Edwards to laugh and have fun. When school was out they gathered on the the day of the follwing weekend and they took the long walk to the horse barn. It was called Trail Barns Number 16. It was named after a local deep mine near there that had long been shut down.

The children had memorized each of the horses names by heart.
I wanna ride Molly Midnight, you know--that gorgeous big black horse, shes tame but when we gallop, she's like a galloping dream." Boasted Lacy.
I wanna ride Burzer, He's strong and lean." Cheerfully yells Geroldine.
"Well all I wanna do is watch Geroldine and Trevor kissing behind the horse barns." Said Winny their 7 year old cousin.
"Ya me too." said Lacy, with a giggle. Geroldine's eyes rolled as she smiled her most precious guilty smile.
"If you guys had a boyfriend you'd be kiss'n him too.
"Ya I guess you make a good point." says Tisha, as she was lingering behind the others.
They stopped in front, looked all over. Geroldine had her eyes pealed for Trevor. Just a glimpse was a delight for the girls. He was their dreamy delight.
They moved forward giggling up the dirt worn path to the inside of the yard of Number 16. There they seen a girl named Becka that always worked for Mr. Edwards. She was 99% tomboy and 1% girl, but she was cheerful and such a friendly girl. She smiled when she seen the group of cousins walking up the path..What Lacey noticed was a type of bond between the small town kids that she had never experienced in her large city school. In the city their conversations at school among many were somewhat rather distant. No one had that same smile to see a friend like she spotted in the kids around her that day.
Trever made his entrance around the side of the barn toting a huge bail of hey. He began scattering it near the horses.
I'll bet you girls don't wanna ride an angry, cranky, hungry horse this morning do you?
The girls began giggling as they stood together watching him scattering hey.
Becka asked. "Who's riding who today?"
"I want Molly Midnight," yells Lacy.
"Ya, well watch her on the curves, she just got new shoes yesterday and she may not be used to them yet." Said Becka. New shoes was no big deal, though Lacy.
They divided up and then approached their choosen horses to ride.
Lacy walks over to big Molly Midnight. Her saddle was eye lever to her 5' 1'" frame. She raised her left foot and held on to the horn of the saddle and counted 1-2-3 and up she went settling quickly into the saddle. Molly raised her head swished it back and forth, then the front of her body rose. Lacy tried to hold on but off she went, right onto the dry dusty maniure smelly ground. She was stunned for a minute but then laughed so hard.
"Becka told you she got new shoes, and to be careful.
"Well I always liked getting new shoes." Said Lacy
with a huge laugh.
"All the kids laughed. Lacy got onto a different horse and off they all went following their dreamy Trevor down the long wooded trail.

Linda Terrell
March 31, 2010

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