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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tragedy in Poland

A great tragedy has hit Poland. The Polish population is in deep mourning.Who can imagine that the country's president plus high ranking officials in government posts would die at the same time at a wink of an eye! This is unimaginable! This is beyond comprehension. For many this is but a dream, difficult to believe in reality. But it is true.

The images on TV screen are flashed to our eyes minute after minute, hour after hour so that even if we, who are not on the scene,can follow what is happening in the woodlands in Western Russia,where the airplane crash took place, and what's happening in Warsaw where hundreds of people crowd in to lay down their flowers on the ground to mark their deep sympathy and sorrow. Soon a funeral service will be held. Soon words of symphathy from world leaders will be read. And in the midst of this shock and reality, people cannot hide shedding their tears.

The world is made smaller by modern communication. We can watch from afar and at the same time, stand not being touched by the great misfortune a population is going through.Let us cry with the people in Poland. Let us keep them in our minds and hearts and hope for an investigation that can provide a reason for this great tragedy. It is a long process. For the meantime, let us sleep. Let us rest and never be ashamed to cry and mourn together with the people in Poland and pray that the government will have a smooth transition.

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