Congratulations to the Great Queen of Denmark

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Congratulations to the Queen of Denmark

Our dear Queen, Margrethe the Second in Denmark, is celebrating her 70th year birthday today,the 16th of April. What a special day this day has been to the Danes and even to foreigners. Schools, churches and offices raise the Danish flags high up the sky to honor the queen. Danish flags made of papers carried by adults and children are waved at the balcony where the queen and her dear family show up to meet the huge crowd. Birthday songs are sung and repeated by the mouths of small children, young and old. The queen receives dignitaries from different countries to honor her diplomatic existence and royal identity as uniting symbol for the Danish government and society.

Hurrah to the QUEEN, the queen who is loved by the people, the queen who is known for her wisdom, diligence and creativity, a queen who wishes the best for the country and in whose marriage to a French statesman,is showing a concrete gesture of openness and tolerance to strangers and foreigners in the land.

Hurrah to the great Queen of Denmark -- a mother, a grandmother, a wife, an artist,a diplomat, a Dane and a universal citizen! Hurrah to the Great Queen who has served Denmark with all love and faithfulness and who in turn merits the love of the people who keep her in their hearts.

(April 16, 2010)


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