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It was January and the sky was dark with snow clouds.Vincent had been in Bolivia for there months on business.
The airplane terminal was crowded as Christmas was just Three days away. He'd hoped to reunite with his old freinds for an evening of old timesand visit his father which he seemed to have little time to do lately. He couldn't wait to see his kids, as three weeks had seemed like so long. He walked along dragging his small suitcase. He exited to stand waiting on a taxi in the cold wind of winter. He pulled his jacket up around his neck tucked his suitcase under his arm to block the wind and started out the long walkway. He stopped and looked as a taxi pulled up beside him. He jumped in. 222 Baffington lane, and go the senic way. I've got some soul searching to do on the way. He leaned back as pushed his suit case to the floor with his hand. He brushed the snow from his shoulders and then closed his eye. "Must be pretty bad thing you've did sir to search your soul on such a dreary morning."
Vincent really didn't enjoy discussing his inner most thouhts with a cab driver but he did need to go over what he was going to say to his maybe soon to be x wife.
"Well I thought I loved this girl in Boliva and she was so beautiful...but well I'm married and my wife, well she's beautiful too but she hasn't seemed to be as attentive as she used to be."
The man looked up into his mirror to see the many in the backof his cab said. "What's you name mon." He ask.
"My name is Vincent Wellbrook. Well Vincent, know my
Jeanie is a looker and she has my supper ready everynight and takes good care of the kids but I still look at lots of women! Ain't no harm in that mon."
"Well your right but this was much more."
"Oh mon your in trouble then."
"You ain't gonna get out a this not even with flowers, candy and an I love you card."
"It will call for lying your guts out mon. Said the driver seriously.
If I lie to her I would feel worse. Well who's to say she is gonna like you any better, after you tell her your truthful confession and poor out your own hurtful soul. Especially after she's spent this time you've been away alone and tending to your screaming kids for so long with no one to take to but the fridge. Save that confession for the priest mon. He enjoys those hearts and floweres stories. Trust me she won't. You'd better decide now if A you wanna be slapped down by evening. B you want some other guy she gets after you leave her taking your kids to their little league games. C. Spend weekends alone with out the ones you care most about....It's up to you.
lie or A-B-or C." Said the driver as he turned on to Baffington lane off 9000 North.
"You know mr. driver I didn't catch your name.
My name.....Harvy Smith to you Vincent.
"Well Harvy you make a good point! I really don't want to hurt her she is such a charming woman. I suppose your right! Maybe my gut feeling is wrong and I don't want someone else taking my kids away from me. I would let her go if I had to but those kids mean the world to me."
"Now your thinking the right way mon. Don't mess up her wonderful world she has going for her!"
"Well I'm sure glad I got into your cab instead of someone elses, as I might have sealed the fate of my kids and I would have regreted that the rest of my lonesome life."
"Well good luck to you and your the Mrs. this evening mon.
Said the driver.
Vincent leaned over and laid a $100.00 bill on the seat.
"Hey mon that is to much!" He replied.
"No that is not enought your advise was on time and will benefit my kids so much. Thanks" Said Vincent
"A no problem mon." answered the driver with a huge smile.
The driver's cell phone rang and he said. "Excuse me that is my Jeanie now. "Yes I will see you later."
He stopped and Vincent got out. His lovely wife stood in the yard watching the children playing as she was talking on her cell smiling at her husband as he arrived home. Vincent had a sudden calmness come over him that he had made the right decision.
In the cab the driver heard the woman say on the other end. Well my Vincent has just arrived, I will see you later mon? The driver pulled his phone closer as he watched Vincent approaching her.
"Just call me the next time he leaves and we will make some exciting plans my sweet lover. And I'll borrow my brothers cab for his ride back next time too. She giggled and said goodbye.

Linda TerrelL
April 25, 2010

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