VoicesNet Collections are Rolled out for Writers

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Dear Members,

You will now see some new buttons on your profile and edit pages. These buttons will let you use the new Collections feature here at VoicesNet.

This feature lets you group your writings in virtual books, folders, blogs and more.

Try the Collections feature today! It will help get your content indexed by search engines and will also help readers here at VoicesNet to better follow you as a writer. Each collection created causes a new webpage to be created for that collection and this page will include links to all of the documents that you have added to a particular collection.

Kris Trudeau is using the new Collections feature to help us test it. She has used it to group all of the chapters of her book that she has posted online here at VoicesNet. Now there is a nice index for her book and there are NEXT and PRIOR buttons automatically appearing at the completion of each chapter to help the reader navigate the online book.

You can also create tagging collections that let you group a bunch of your writings by the same tag (like for all of your nature poems, for example).

We will post additional information about how to use these new features as we progress.

Try them out in Beta format. This means that we might see some software bugs but we will work them out as they arise.


The VoicesNet Team

Try it out! This will be a huge way for you to get more readers for your writings here at VoicesNet--which is the goal!

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