Why you should use Collections to group your Writings

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Using the VoicesNet Collections feature to group your writings is beneficial for many reasons. Here is a short list for starters.

Why you should use VoicesNet Collections:

(1) It could be big!
(2) You will be able to better organize your writings!
(3) When a writing is in a collection, "next page" and "previous page" icons show up at the bottom of the page. This lets visitors and search engine spiders traverse from one of your poems to another in the respective collection category so more of your writings are viewed.
(4) Collections are another attraction to get readers to your writings, which is usually the end result.
(5) There is a new Collections list page where all collections are currently displayed (use the "MORE" link on the main home page where collections are displayed). All Collections
(6) Most recent collections appear on the VoicesNet home page.
(7) You can use Collections to TAG your content. This helps search engines and visitors to find you.
(8) You can use it to connect all of your VoicesNet blog documents.
(9) There is a view counter on the collections list page.
(10) You can get in on the ground floor, like those early VoicesNet members who have so many page views now for their works.
(11) Use these new features to link together your documents in virtual books of poems/documents or chapters.
(12) Each VoicesNet member gets a display page that lists their collections on the Internet.
(13) Much more!!!!!

Thanks and please try out this rudimentary version 1.0 of VoicesNet Collections today!


The VoicesNet Team

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