May 2010 Poetry Contest Winner Announced

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Congratulations to Melissa Amy Buckle of Australia!

The May 2010 Free Poetry Contest winner is:

The poem called "Heart-Ache".

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JUDGE COMMENTS: "Short, simple, but so emotive! This poem hits right at the heart and draws the reader into the agony of a lost love, or loved one. No long diatribe of words but just raw emotion. It impacts the mind and heart with its poignancy and loss. Rhythm is smooth and the poet manages not only to share the pain of that loss but also to draw the reader into it. Congratulations to the poet. A powerful read."

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1. Heart-Ache by Melissa Amy Buckle of Australia - WINNER **
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2. Let No One Tell You Different by Jalissa Shaniece Ford, USA - **
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JUDGE COMMENTS: "A wonderful alphabetical acrostic that inspires and uplifts the soul. The author encourages the readers to a walk of faith in self and to help them find their inner strength. Such an uplifting message! Well done."

3. As Old As The Sea by Frances Anna Ayers, USA **
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JUDGE COMMENTS: "Wonderful flow of words that paint a compelling picture of the sea and all it holds for mankind. The rhythm and flow are smooth and effortless. The final verse impacts and calls to mind all those courageous men and women who venture onto the ocean and then rest forever in its depths. "The searfaring brave" indeed. Well done."

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Melissa Amy is eligible for a $25 PayPal payment if a PayPal email address is provided.

All poems were read by three independent judges. Each judge awarded one star to each poem that he or she considered a top poem. All poems that received one or more stars from the judges were then classified as finalists. The finalists were then read and reviewed again in a final round of judging to choose the top poems.

Thanks again to everybody. Great Job!

The VoicesNet Team.

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