Has Slavery really been Abolished?

a writing by Paul Butters

(Thursday 24th June, 2010).

This morning I reflected on my early retirement. I got angry. Now I hear that when I’m 64, in 2016, the state pension age may be raised to 66. Am really p****d off. Mr. Angry indeed.

When I was employed I was a “Connexions Personal Adviser (Careers)”. For me, I was a “Careers Worker”. I enjoyed giving careers advice and counselling to people. However, I did not like having to stop their benefits or make them join ineffective “schemes” for the pittance that is EMA.

Many would refuse to go on “slave labour”, as they rightly called it. Yet I was paid to push a very dubious “Work Ethic” and bully them into “training”. My bosses nagged me to harass my “clients”, to meet my “NEET Reduction Targets”. The point of it all? Surely we now have the technology to produce most goods by automation. Maybe we still need our “Service Industries” and “Entertainers”. But Bankers etc.? In short, we do not need so many employees. Hence the dearth of real jobs. Made worse by immigration, of course, but best not go there.

No, much so-called “Employment” is but a sophisticated form of Slavery. “Simples”. “Connexions” meanwhile is fading away: another failed attempt at social control. “Children’s Trusts” are similarly being cut too. “Careers Advisers” are reverting to being local government workers. And all the public service sector is being slashed. Like everyone else, Careers Advisers will “hang on in there”. They will keep chasing down those NEETS. And feeding those computer databases. Snowed under by bureaucracy. Yes, I’m glad I’m “out of it”.

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