May 2010 Monthly Writers Contest Winner Announcement

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The winner of the May 2010 VoicesNet Writers Contest is "Indian Tale", a short story by Jessie Bunzey of the USA.

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Congratulations, Jessie, on winning the contest!

Comments about the winning submission from the contest judge:

"With a story that transports the reader to a different time and way of life, author Jessie Bunzey explores some of the difficult choices we have all faced at times: is it better to fight or to flee?; better to follow our hearts or to respect our elders? In clear, fluid prose, ‘Indian Tale’ finds the right balance between painting a vivid picture and allowing the story to progress at a quick, natural pace.”

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Each month, all non-poem submissions to the site are automatically eligible for review for this contest.

Jessie is eligible for a $25 PayPal payment if a valid PayPal email address is provided.

Thank you to everyone who has made this contest possible.
The VoicesNet Team

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2nd place went to:

"What Do I Do with Mum”, a short story by Jacinta Ramayah of Malaysia.

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Judge comments:

"One of the hallmarks of a great writer is the courage to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ a story. In ‘What Do I Do with Mum’, Jacinta Ramayah does not rely on rambling paragraphs to tell the reader what to feel; instead, she lets the dialogue and the action of the story speak for her. The message comes through loud and clear.”

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3rd place went to:

"Back in the Day", a short story by Vel Champion of the U.S.A.

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Judge comments:

"In this engaging story, Vel Champion presents a complex family history with admirable clarity. I was impressed by Vel’s skill in conveying the internal conflict of a grown child torn between loving an abused mother and an abusive father. 'Back in the Day' reminds the reader that, for better or for worse, life isn’t always black and white."

Thanks for participating in this contest if you did and thanks for reading the verses here at VoicesNet if you come here to read site content.
The VoicesNet Team

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