a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Between Independence and Dependence

Yes, you have lived your life a life of independence. You moved wherever you wanted to go, decided for yourself and even decided for other people. You have been respected, sought for and made to feel important. It is really unpleasant to be in another situation - to live a life of much dependence, to depend on others as to where to go, to follow what others have decided for you. It is not easy to switch from that former role to the next role for they are absolute opposites in two different contexts.

On the other hand, in the drama of life, in the new situation where you are put into, to be dependent on others
much stronger than you is inevitable. Dance with the music. After all, those who do it for you do it with joy. Only continue not to feel contented about it. Be thankful, but look beyond you and after this period, there is another time when you have to handle your own life with more independence or freedom.

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