a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Dealing with Loneliness

Yes, you have been experiencing loneliness, loneliness to be in a foreign country. There is always the longing to be home, to be with friends and family. And in times like this, when coming to a crowd of people whose faces you do not know, whose language you do not speak and whose experiences you do not share, it is indeed very strange and lonesome. The loneliness creeps into the nerves, as if an illness that is about to burst, enough to kill. But you can be grateful that still your mind has the grasp of the power beyond, the presence eternal we call God. And for some comfort that you need, you can be thankful that you can still call on the Spirit of the Lord. And indeed you discover that such a presence is a comforter.

Spirituality in the Heart
A Call Upon the Lord

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