Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Frequently Mixed-Up Words

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Directions: On the lines below, fill in the blanks with the correct word in parentheses.

1. ______ (To, Two, Too) read _______ (to, two, too) much homework by ______ (to, two, too) a.m. is tiring.

2. ____ (A, An) mouse and ____ (a, an) eagle spent the evening feasting.

3. I ______ (raise, rise) among the daffodils and _______ (raise, rise) my cup to life.

4. The roses _____ (lie, lay) silken with glazed tint. I _____ (lie, lay) amongst them like a flower.

5. ______ (For, Four) frilly napkins rest upon the table ____ (for, four) the guests.

6. I _____ (set, sit) the table with the finest wine, all _____ (set, sit) after toasting their hostess.

7. I can _____ (see, sea) the _____ (see, sea) from the cliff.

8. I am _____ (do, due, dew) at work, but I _____ (do, due, dew) so love to watch the morning ______ (do, dew) upon the sunrise.

9. _____ (its, it’s) amazing how that star shines ____ (its, it’s) crystal light on you.

10. ______ (There, Their) is not enough food for ______ (there, their) children to eat.

To see the correct answers, follow the link below:
ANSWERS to Frequently Mixed-Up Words Quiz.

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