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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Frequently Mixed-Up Words.


1. TO read TOO much homework by TWO a.m. is tiring.

2. A mouse and AN eagle spent the evening feasting.

3. I RISE among the daffodils and RAISE my cup to life.

4. The roses LAY silken with glazed tint. I LIE amongst them like a flower.

5. FOUR frilly napkins rest upon the table FOR the guests.

6. I SET the table with the finest wine, all SIT after toasting their hostess.

7. I can SEE the SEA from the cliff.

8. I am DUE at work, but I DO so love to watch the morning DEW upon the sunrise.

9. IT'S amazing how that star shines ITS crystal light on you.

10. THERE is not enough food for THEIR children to eat.

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