Painting, a Form of Meditation

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

It is a privilege to have this summer holiday,free from the daily routines in job and free to do a hobby. I love painting when there is time to do so. It is a hobby that needs time. It allows one to realize how precious time is in creating something one likes. It is very much relaxing. It is time for meditation in silence, time to partake of that capacity to create from the hand of the Creator.

Sometimes I enter into my working room pregnant with an idea what to paint. I only need the push and the will to give birth to that idea which has been lurking in my heart and mind for hours or for some days. It is a tedious task to give birth to something which has to be concretized by painting. It is possible I can finish it for one or three hours. After doing so, I can tell myself that it is finished. But the next morning when I look at it again, I realize that there are more details to be done. And I need to let it sleep. And the process can go on for months after having allowed it to be untouched for quite a while,and then the urge to finish it,comes up again.

Sometimes I experience that there are paintings that I can never touch anymore after painting because I am afraid to destroy them, or afraid to tamper the original touch at the moment I drew and painted them with colors.

Sometimes I start painting without any idea in my mind what my painting should be. But as I paint, I experience being led into something which sometimes surprise me.These are some of the paintings that lead me to understand the meaning of the expression, inspiration from above.

The process of painting is a form of meditation. It gives that space in silent dialogue with the Creator in the process of creating. Such a hobby, given a good span of time, can be healing and relaxing.

I hope this summer time will allow me to produce more paintings about the value and sanctity of life.


July 15, 2010

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