June 2010 Writers Contest Winner

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The winner of the June 2010 VoicesNet Writers Contest is "A Mouse Story", a short story by Kristine Trudeau of the USA.

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Congratulations, Kristine, on winning the contest!

Comments about the winning submission from the contest judge:

"This was a fun, enjoyable story, very easy to relate to since, at one time or another, most of us have had a mouse problem. But, Kristine brought humor to what we generally think of as a not so funny situation. The article was very well written and easy to read."
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Each month, all non-poem submissions to the site are automatically eligible for review for this contest.

Kristine is eligible for a $25 PayPal payment if a valid PayPal email address is provided.

Thank you to everyone who has made this contest possible.
The VoicesNet Team

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2nd place went to:

"Peopleā€, a short narrative by Alexandra Rosemarie of the USA.

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Judge comments:

"This was a very provocative narrative that showed true feeling and depth. It was also easy to relate to since it touched on feelings that most have experienced at one time or another."
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3rd place went to:

"My Wedding Vows", by Barbara Koerth of the U.S.A.

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Judge comments:

"This was a touching, romantic vow that many readers may want to read, especially if you are preparing for a wedding."

Thanks for participating in this contest if you did and thanks for reading the verses here at VoicesNet if you come here to read site content.
The VoicesNet Team

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