Table Tennis Blog 29\7\2010.

a writing by Paul Butters

The 2010-2011 season is only 2 months away. Will have to get into shape soon. The new ruling about only using ITTF rubbers could be a pain. Older players may well decide to call it a day. I personally have the ITTF kite mark on all mine, yet something tells me the approved list might vary more than we imagine! Bill Moran talks of “checking the internet”... No swopping bats mid-match either. There may be some very CLUMSY players breaking their bats this season lol.

As for me, I know I have a very challenging league campaign before me. Will have to use newly developed shots such as ****, and inventive strategies like ****. Maybe some new rubbers too, all ITTF approved of course. Not to mention tactic ****! All classified of course. Ah, Ah. Over and Out.

Paul Butters

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