July 2010 Writers Contest Winner

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The winner of the July 2010 VoicesNet Writers Contest is "Seeking Twilight", a short story by Milagros Sempere of Argentina.

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Congratulations, Milagros, on winning the contest!

Comments about the winning submission from the contest judge:

"The first paragraph was very captivating. This is a beautifully written short story with many colorful details."
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Each month, all non-poem submissions to the site are automatically eligible for review for this contest.

Milagros is eligible for a $25 PayPal payment if a valid PayPal email address is provided.

Thank you to everyone who has made this contest possible.
The VoicesNet Team

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2nd place went to:

"Painting, a Form of Meditation”, a blog by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen of Denmark.

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Judge comments:

"Your passion was certainly felt when painting! A favorite part was the first sentence in the second paragraph when you referenced entering the working room pregnant with an idea. Beautifully written!"
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3rd place went to:

"Respect", by Delilah L. Ventura of the U.S.A.

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Judge comments:

"We could all use this as a template in our daily lives. This was very inspirational!"

Thanks for participating in this contest if you did and thanks for reading the verses here at VoicesNet if you come here to read site content.
The VoicesNet Team

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