Betty Passed Away

a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

At 10.40 this morning Betty went to sleep never to wake up again. The respirator was stopped. The tubes into her throat, two arms, waist and legs were removed. The daggling bottles of linquid to give her energy, not from the intake of natural foods,were put down. The Intensive Care Unit which held her for the past two weeks stood silent. And our usual whispers and giggles as she tried to move her hands and head during the earlier past days were all gone. All stood silent except the tears and sobbing of those who beheld her sight.

Dear friends all over the world, especially friends at, thanks for your words of comfort and for following her case through my writings. I really thought that the Lord would give her a chance to live, a chance to start a new life. But she is taken away from us. But there is no remorse or bitterness in our hearts. The creator of our life promises hope not only in this present world but also in life beyond or after death.But even with this hope, our human heart cannot evade to feel the vacuum that makes us cry.Life is so precious that it will certainly be missed.

Today we are planning about the funeral. This also is a long process as many in the family circle need to be involved.Death has its sting but it has the capacity to unite us as one people in grief and sorrow, affirming the Lord who is the source of our precious life and our abode we can return to.

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