Our Origins

a writing by Paul Butters

Humberside, 22nd August, 2010. At 19.00.

They say that if you dressed, shaved and did the hair of a man and woman from, say, 20,000 years ago, they would look much like a couple of our century. Perhaps they would behave much like us too. For the only way we could claim “superiority” is with our technology. The only difference between us and them is that we have developed our sciences over all those thousands of years. Who knows how far back you must go to see any significant changes in the human form?

I strongly suspect that some rather sophisticated civilisations were established much earlier than we may think. A recent Discovery Channel series: “Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age” suggests that quite advanced civilisations were already in existence about 12,000 years ago! It would seem that much was lost at the end of the Ice Age when the polar glaciers suddenly melted and great tracts of prime coastal areas were flooded, permanently. This may have led to myths such as Atlantis and Noah’s Ark.

Talking of myths, what about dragons? Were they actually dinosaurs? In which case, the human race may have existed for over 65 million years (roughly the date dinosaurs died out). Perhaps we have changed little over millions of years. Not a comforting thought to some.

How odd we are too! Relatively speaking we are “hairless apes”! We need clothes! How did we get like this? Do we really belong in caves or even somewhere underground? Or in rivers and lakes? In the tropics? In space? On another planet? Without clothes we are not well suited to life on the open prairies. Little wonder our ancestors had to learn how to hunt, farm, build and talk. And then write. As I say, they may well have done all this much earlier than the academics would have us believe. Much earlier.

(C) Paul Butters

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