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We have made the following slight changes to the homepage at VoicesNet.com.

(1) We have added some ads to the right side of the page to support our free programs and pay the bills. Know that when you try out these new ads that you are supporting our writing community.

(2) The homepage is now more writer focused with the "WRITING COMMUNITIES & LITERARY PROGRAMS" display area which includes the Recent Documents and Recent Poems lists are now displayed some above the fold switching places with the "EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES & CAREER TRAINING" display area. The educaational part is very important to us but not as important as the writing part.

(3) The very hard to present recent responses display area is no longer displayed on the homepage but available on the more functional RESPONSES main page at Main Responses Page. The responses that were listed on the homepage were not real-time and had to be released by our content editors before being displayed on the homepage. The bottom line is that the system to display the recent responses was not very good on the homepage and we think that they were not used by many people. If you feel strongly that these responses should be added back, then please let us know via our support email.

(4) The full list of contest winners is removed and will be moved to the contest results page and also will be displayed on the VoicesNet.org homepage. We will be adding an area to the VoicesNet.com homepage shortly that displays the most recent three winners in each contest. We do want to continue to give notoriety to the content winners. We will continue to provide contest announcements that include full links to the winning writings and poems, too, which are always available from the news blog listings.

(5) The site news blog is now the first pod on the upper left of the screen display area. This was done recently.

(6) The horizontal top menu is now on the first row that you see which is fairly standard on the Internet a opposed to how it was previously (contrasted into the content a line below the announcement row.

We think that these changes add a little color and bite to the homepage and also give it more of a professional look for our members. We are able to now use some valuable ad space that we hope to sell to individual sponsors in an overall strategy to fund our writing site efforts.

Additionally, we think the changes will make for a better user experience and will also let the search engines know more strongly that we are a writers based community and website.

Thanks for all of your contributions. You inspire us to make these changes and we tell you that from our heart. Please let us know your feedback.

The VoicesNet Team

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