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The following is a text version of our September 2010 newsletter:

VoicesNet.com Visions Journal - Sept '10

The Future of VoicesNet

From Jeff Humphrey, Founder of VoicesNet.com

Dear VoicesNet Community Members,

It has been a while since I have sent a personal note to all of you so I decided to do that in this forum with a very brief message.

I mainly want to tell you about the main items that are going on at VoicesNet.com right now.

1 - The VoicesNet.com homepage has been changed recently with more focus on the writing community and their interests. Our broader educational interests will still be present and visible but in a more integrated manner, especially on the home page part of the site. We also have opened other micro-focused websites with specific focuses (read on).

2 - Some of our FREE online Healthcare training classes were moved to their own sites at NursingClasses.us and CNAclasses.us. Support our efforts by clicking over to there and checking it out.

3 - The Educational Resources part of the website will be adapted to NOT be as dominated by healthcare classes and we hope to expand some of the NON-healthcare course offerings soon. The micro courses have become real popular with over 48,000 course quizzes taken so far.

4 - The older Poetry Forum part of the website is temporarily shut down for new postings as we evaluate its future and remove some spam that has gotten under our radar. We would love to find a volunteer area administrator for this part of the site and open it up so if anybody is interested, send an email to support @ voicesnet.info.

5 - The monthly writing contests, one for poetry and one for non-poetry are running smoothly with the winners now routinely being announced at the middle of each month. Stop at the home page each month and look for the announcements. Enter the poetry contest at VoicesNet.org/NewEntry.aspx. Enter the writing contest by submitting a writing to your VoicesNet account. All non-poetry documents submitted and approved for display on the site are automatically entered in the writing contest each month. Enjoy!

6 - You will see us experimenting with different advertising techniques on the site as we try to make sure we can pay the bills and keep the lights on. We are sorry for the intrusion but we hope that you understand considering that all of our programs are free.

7 - This newsletter will be published quarterly instead of monthly starting with this mailing.

8 - We have rolled out the primitive (first release) Collections software feature to the website and we have had more than 160 Collections set up so far by members, and I see that the collections are getting a bunch of views. I stand by my prediction that this is going to be huge for us (members and VoicesNet). It allows members to connect their documents and/or poems together in virtual books or folders and this helps their readers navigate better through their writings, too. Let's see how it goes. In our site stats, we can not really tell when visitors use the next document/poem or prior document/poem links so we can not really tell how this is working overall but we will overcome that hurdle soon (and will know the usage other than by straight collections header page views).

Check out this Collections Usage, a book called Ramayana by one of our favorites and a long time friend of the site, Rajaram Ramachandran: Click here for Ramayana

There is a lot more than this going on, too. I am touched often by the writings posted to the site. I am on the site daily and am familiar with many of you, seeing your names scroll around the members list and I often read the postings on the site.

I am inspired by the opportunity that we have to be a community that becomes a conduit for writers to express themselves and change others and themselves by doing so. That is magical.

I can only applaud all of you. Thank you.

Jeff Humphrey

Writing and Poetry Competitions

Recent writer and Poetry contest winners can be found on our home page at VoicesNet.com. Look at the news blog area on the homepage and you will find the announcements for recent winners. Support the winners by reading their awesome writings.

Also you can see detailed results for all contests at our Contest Results Page.

You can submit new poems to our monthly poetry competition By Clicking Here.

Other VoicesNet News

Print on Demand partner paperwork and creatives are being developed now as part of a partnership with a major Internet Print services provider.

VoicesNet promotes education and literary programs and has been adding more and more on-line training in various career and professional areas. We will continue doing this. It is a great combination with our literary base. Stay tuned for updates. Check out the Education and Career Training section on our newly revamped
homepage at VoicesNet.com.

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