Writers Club Transformation Begins

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A new VoicesNet Writers Club is showing signs of birth in our re-branded Poetry Forums/Workshop area.

Paul and Marvenea Rainwater, two of our members, have agreed to help us as the Head-Administrators of that part of our online community.

We have been in need of some coordination efforts in that area of our website for some time now.

The old forum area has already been re-named and some of the creatives have already been changed.

Paul and Marvenea have started to look around and get trained with the software and are going to remove some spam along the way.

There is no longer an automatic membership to this area provided when one registers at VoicesNet. Now membership will only be granted via an email inquiry to us explaining why you would like to join the Writers Club and what you would expect to get from the experience and what you would like to offer to the club arena. That sounds kind of cool to us. It will also keep any spammers out from this part of the site while it becomes a focused writers area where writers can get critiques for their works and participate in other writing exercises. They will also be able to share experiences in the publishing world and other life experiences while also making wonderful and sometimes life changing friendships.

The links throughout our website will be slowly changed to something like "Writers Club" but we are still working out the exact specifics of our longterm club name. I guess you could call the Writers Club label a temporary placeholder for now.

You can check out the new base page there now by clicking here.

Expect regular updates to be posted here.

Please support Paul and Marvenea in their efforts to rejuvenate this area of the site.

Paul and Marvenea, thank you for volunteering your very valuable time. We really appreciate it and are very excited about this initiative.

The VoicesNet Team

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